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Top 12 Yorkshire Christmas Markets 2022

With our online map, explore festive Yorkshire Christmas Markets in England’s largest county where there’s everything from rolling dales, lively towns and cities dramatic waterfalls, stunning castles to picturesque coastal towns. Yorkshire has a population of 5.3 million, larger than the population of Scotland...

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The Piece Hall Live 2023!

Piece Hall line up 2023: See here who is playing summer of 2023 at The Piece Hall Live Halifax and when! 2023, the second year of music promoters Cuffe and Taylor’s 5-year deal with The Piece Hall Trust, sees more...

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Harry Potter Halifax Store

The Harry Potter Halifax Shop is in the historic Piece Hall, just a 3-minute walk from both Halifax railway station and Eureka! the award-winning Children’s interactive venue. Flock it and Broom, the Harry Potter Shop at the Piece Hall Halifax opened...

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